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5 Ways Local SEO will benefit your business

Local SEO is much different than “normal” or “global” SEO.  There is a whole new subset of factors that come into play.  Global SEO actually does apply to Local SEO, but then you have to go a little further and work with the local SEO specifics.  Done correctly, this can skyrocket your business’s website rankings in the search engines.  Done incorrectly and, well, you know the deal.  You end up in search limbo where nobody ever goes and you get no traffic from the search engines.

Take a look at the infographic below – it highlights 5 ways local SEO will benefit your business.  There are more – far more – but these 5 should at least give you the idea that it’s worth undertaking.  With any SEO company you work with, the ROI on their efforts should be recognizable and the prices they charge should fall into line with that ROI.  Given this, taking advantage of good local SEO efforts is a great idea and will certainly improve your site traffic and ultimately, your revenue.

Let’s take a look at each of the 5 ways local SEO will benefit your business:

Send more consumers to your website5 Ways Local SEO Can Benefit Your Small Business-SnugData600x

This is the essence and the primary benefit of SEO – getting new customers to visit your website.  Conversion, or turning them into paying customers, is another matter and is linked closely with SEO efforts.  The first step though, is getting them to visit your site and solid local SEO efforts are the single best way to make this happen.

Increase Foot Traffic to your establishment

This is an often overlooked benefit of SEO.  SEO, in it’s purest form, works to get digital visits on your digital storefront but as these digital visitors are, in fact, real live people and like to visit the places they do business with.  So a visit to your website will be the first step – a later step will be when they step through your door.

Build Credibility and Authority in your industry

Having a website these days is table stakes to running a business – it’s just the way it is.  No website and your business credibility falters, even if your business isn’t necessarily an online business.  Think of plumbers – probably the least “online” business you can think of yet every major plumbing company spends huge amounts of money on their websites as well as their SEO efforts to ensure a steady stream of customers and, as this topic points out, continue credibility and authority.

Boost ROI and Profit Potential

Return On Investment(ROI) is a factor that savvy business owners account for in just about every purchasing decision they make.  Without adequate ROI, the business suffers financial loss and will be unable to sustain.  Local SEO is a relatively inexpensive method of attracting customers and as the business continues the SEO over the long term, the costs go down while the benefits go up.  ROI is realized quickly and thoroughly through sound Local SEO

Convert more leads into paying customers

A solid Local SEO plan will attract more potential customers to your website and, once there, the website, SEO, and Conversion optimization strategies will ensure that more and more of these visitors become paying customers.

So there you have it – 5 ways local SEO can and will benefit your business.  As mentioned earlier, there are many more but these should whet your appetite a bit.  As always, reach out to us directly for any information and advice.

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