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Buying an Expired Domain There are a few reasons you might want to purchase an expired, or expiring domain.  The first and most obvious is because if you do it right, you’ll end up with a domain that already has history and a backlink profile.  As an SEO professional, that has a lot of meaning […]
Your Competitor’s Social Media landscape Social Media is everywhere, nobody can deny it.  Yet in the SEO world, it is just now beginning to make a dent.  Google has said that Social Media signals will affect a web site’s rankings in the search engine results, yet to what extent we aren’t quite sure.  Regardless of […]
  SEO Periodic Table The good folks at Search Engine Land have created and released a tool that goes a long way towards simplifying SEO for the masses.  Well, the masses with a chemistry degree anyway.  Just kidding – read on to see how easy this is… Like what you’re reading?  Click here to tweet […]
5 Ways Local SEO will benefit your business Local SEO is much different than “normal” or “global” SEO.  There is a whole new subset of factors that come into play.  Global SEO actually does apply to Local SEO, but then you have to go a little further and work with the local SEO specifics.  Done […]
Google Map Packs You’ve seen the “map packs” but may not have realized exactly what they were.  When you use Google to find a local business and a few select businesses are at the very top of the results along with a map showing their locations.  This is known as the “Map Pack” and is […]
What does SEO stand for? What does SEO mean? December 17, 2015/in SnugData /by admin What Does SEO Stand For? Funny you should ask – just last night at our weekly trivia contest, “what does SEO stand for” showed up on the big screen and, I think, I was the only person in the room that got the […]
Increase your Google Rankings with Backlinks Getting Backlinks for your site Why Do I Need Backlinks? Backlinks have long been considered as one of the primary ranking factors for any site. The more backlinks you have, generally the better your site will rank.  Think of backlinks as votes for your site – the more votes […]