Simply put, we are a “smallish” company with large company bite.  We have true industry leaders on our teams – people who have worked with companies both large and small and have real experience ranking customers on the search engines.  An interesting change is afoot where a lot of “SEO Experts” are either freelancing or working at agencies that have never actually ranked a website on Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Before you contract with anybody, be sure they provide proof of what they say they will do – make them show you proof of how they have ranked customer’s websites in the past.  In the end, that’s what SEO is all about.


SnugData was founded by a US Marine turned corporate business manager turned solo entrepreneur with a love of all things digital!

After a 16 year tour in the Marine Corps, the founder got out and went straight into Corporate America.  After another 15 years there, doing extensive pre-sales, post-sales, business development, business analysis and, finally, Product Management for a $200M revenue producing product with 45,000 customer world-wide, the layoff axe dropped and he found himself irritated by the fact that so much could be taken away so quickly.

From there, SnugData – a company he had tinkered with for the past several years while working in the shadows of Corporate America – was moved to the forefront and a decision was made.  Based on the advice that you can get everything you want by helping others get everything they want (Thanks Zig!), SnugData is focused on doing just that:  Helping businesses achieve the success they are shooting for and knowing that our own success will follow as naturally as night follows day.


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