Day: November 3, 2019

Buying an Expired Domain There are a few reasons you might want to purchase an expired, or expiring domain.  The first and most obvious is because if you do it right, you’ll end up with a domain that already has history and a backlink profile.  As an SEO professional, that has a lot of meaning […]
Your Competitor’s Social Media landscape Social Media is everywhere, nobody can deny it.  Yet in the SEO world, it is just now beginning to make a dent.  Google has said that Social Media signals will affect a web site’s rankings in the search engine results, yet to what extent we aren’t quite sure.  Regardless of […]
  SEO Periodic Table The good folks at Search Engine Land have created and released a tool that goes a long way towards simplifying SEO for the masses.  Well, the masses with a chemistry degree anyway.  Just kidding – read on to see how easy this is… Like what you’re reading?  Click here to tweet […]
5 Ways Local SEO will benefit your business Local SEO is much different than “normal” or “global” SEO.  There is a whole new subset of factors that come into play.  Global SEO actually does apply to Local SEO, but then you have to go a little further and work with the local SEO specifics.  Done […]
Google Map Packs You’ve seen the “map packs” but may not have realized exactly what they were.  When you use Google to find a local business and a few select businesses are at the very top of the results along with a map showing their locations.  This is known as the “Map Pack” and is […]
Should you care about Yelp?  Not to be too abrupt, but the simple answer is YES, Yelp matters. It matters a lot. If you’re not paying attention to Yelp…if it’s in your periphery but not something you give much thought to…there’s a very good chance you’re missing out. Why should you care about Yelp? Well…if […]