Manage your business’s online reputation

If you aren’t actively managing your business’s reputation, you may be the victim of false accusations, immature complaints or even valid concerns that need your input to be addressed but, since you don’t know about them, you are unable to address them and resolve problems with your customers.

SnugData will do what it takes to improve your business’s online reputation and keep it looking it’s best.

What do we do?

Our first step will be to ensure there is an offline conflict management resource so unhappy customers can deal with you directly rather than voicing their complaints online and tarnishing your reputation.  We will also work to implement an aggressive review attainment plan, contacting your customers to ask for reviews and walking them through the process as much as possible to ensure they are completed.  This method goes a long way towards keeping your reputation pristine.  There is no way to entirely prevent poor reviews from time to time – the solution is to make sure you have enough good reviews so that a single bad one cannot make a difference.

reputation-marketing-snugdataReputation Management in a nutshell

  • Accentuate the positive – ensure that positive reviews and comments are in the places to get the highest visibility
  • Minimize and mitigate the negative – there will always be negative comments and the single most important thing you can do about them is to have so many positive comments, they aren’t even hardly noticeable.  That doesn’t mean you can ignore them, though, as every negative comment must be addressed.  Keep in mind that many prospective consumers don’t look so much at what the final resolution was but rather how you, as the business owner, handled the concern and how you treated the customer during the process.
  • Release content strategically to regain and/or improve your reputation.  This is not done all at once, but rather over a period of time – consistently and with focus.

Keeping the above in focus, we can ensure that your online reputation is intact.  If it has taken some hits in the past, we will have to do a bit more work to get even more positive reviews – this is something we will start working as early as possible.