Discovery Form

Do you like what you see?  Are you ready to move forward?

Please understand that our SEO services are not for every business.  We operate within a set of reasonable criteria that determines who we work with – this ensures a good fit between your business and our services and processes which ultimately gives us the best chance to provide you with the incredible results you’re looking for.

Who do we typically work with?

  • Active and healthy businesses.  We typically work with businesses that are up and running and are interested in moving faster and further as quickly as possible
  • You should have a steady flow of customers and leads.  We will do our part to improve that flow but if you are already running ads, promoting your products or selling your services, then the services and processes we offer will be a great fit.
  • Your business should have a solid reputation and a good product or service to offer.  We do offer Reputation Management as a service and are happy to discuss how to improve yours, but generally we work with clients whose businesses are active enough to have, at least, a recognizable online reputation.

Who do we typically not work with?

  • Get Rich Quick businesses:  We find that get rich quick businesses typcially do not have the staying power to engage in an SEO campaign for a long enough duration for it to actually be effective
  • Adult businesses: We’re not prude and we’re happy to give consideration here but on average we usually pass on adult themed businesses
  • Startups: We’re happy to take a look at your business and talk to you about where you see your business.  We have worked with Startups but often there are too many conflicts for an efficient engagement for successful SEO.  Oddly enough, we usually see the fastest and most dramatic success with Startups, but the problem arises usually around budgeting and expectations of extremely quick success.

Given the above, if you’re interested in working with us, we’re enthusiastic about talking with you and working with your business to bring you the incredible results you’re looking for.

We do have a process and it starts with our prospective clients filling out the below Discovery Form.  This gives us a very good understanding of your business, what you’re selling, your expectations and, most importantly, how likely we are to be able to fulfill your expectations.  So please take about 10-15 minutes to fill out this Discovery Form and send it to us and we’ll follow it up with a direct phone call to you.

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We thank you for taking a few minutes to provide as much detail as you are comfortable with – we’ll use this information to craft the strongest approach to improving your rankings in the search engines and achieve a sustainable ROI.  Please allow 2 working days for us to get back to you as we will be analyzing the information you provided, auditing your website for improvements and optimizations, and taking a peek at your competition. We’ll share all of this information with you.